Crown Lengthening
Sometimes  crown lengthening will be needed in order to perform a cosmetic or restorative procedure. This may be the case if a tooth is too far decayed, broken below the gum line, or has insufficient structure for restoration like a crown or bridge. In cases like this, the periodontist may be required to lower the gum and bone levels to expose more of the root surface so it can be restored. However, simply trimming back the gum line is not sufficient. Instead, the periodontist will need to reshape the gums and supporting bone to allow for adequate room to place a high quality restoration.

The procedure is similar to esthetic crown lengthening in that a local anesthetic will be administered. Small incisions are required to remove the gum tissue and reshape the bone around the tooth or teeth.   When the procedure has been completed, sutures are placed.  After the area has completely healed (6-8 weeks), the restorative dentistry such as a crown or bridge can be completed.

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