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Early diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease is essential and often under-emphasized.  The earlier the disease is treated, the more positive the outcome, including saving teeth!  Dr. Jaeger has noted one consistent request from patients over the years of practice:  “I don’t want to lose my teeth!”  We have witnessed countless incredible success stories following traditional periodontal therapy of scaling and root planning and conservative osseous (bone) surgery, especially when patients follow a regular 3 to 4 month maintenance (professional periodontal cleaning) schedule. Now, with laser therapy employing the LANAP technique, we can treat gum disease even more conservatively without cutting and suturing, and with regeneration of the gum tissues possible.  With professional periodontal therapy in our office, it is not unusual for patients to retain their natural teeth, even teeth deemed for loss, and enjoy full function for many years.

Equally as important as the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal  disease at the earliest stage possible is  ongoing “maintenance” therapy.  We control periodontal disease, we cannot “cure” it.  The disease will return and progress if patients are not thorough with daily plaque control and regular, frequent professional periodontal cleanings.  Dr. Jaeger positively motivates and coaches her patients to maintain excellent plaque control and keep to a strict maintenance schedule.  

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